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Hopping to It: A New Week

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A New Week

I started my day with a terrible Migraine, that sent me back to bed after getting my children's cloth's out.  I really only thought I was going to rest for a moment, but a few hours later I woke to a strangely quiet house.   After a long day a feeling better, my headache is gone, but my body feels like it ran a marathon.  But in my house I can't be down for long and since this is Dan's and my traveling week I need to get things organized!  Things on my list:
-Kids clothing:  I have developed a system of hanging 5 days of of clothes in the closet.  I am making M-F tags to put on the hangers so they know which clothes to wear everyday.  I have M made, but need more ink.
-Lunches:  AnQuenette has decided that she would like me to send lunch with her.  So I am going to set out five days of lunches besides the sandwiches.  That way it is easy to put together.  And I need to get some lunch ideas for the boys put together.
-Dinners:  I need to work on the next months worth of meals.  My last five weeks ends this week.  I have many ideas, but now I need to put it all together!  This week's menu is planned with a few tweaks.  We are having:

-Daddy Daughter Dance is this Friday.  I will not be here.  So I lined up our friend to get AnnieQ all ready with her hair.  Dan is not much of a Dance person, but he will learn the important of this special "Daddy Daughter relationship" is.  And I will have to see it all in pictures!  

Well this should help my week be a little more organized!  Just pray no more headaches!


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