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Friday, September 24, 2010

I Saw Leila...

Leila was our last foster baby.  We had her move in when she was 3 months old.  Her situation was different than all the other foster babies.  She was in custody of grandma who also has Leila's older brother who is 3 now.  Grandma taught full time and was trying hard to keep the babies out of the foster care.  Some how we found each other and it was agree upon by us, grandma and DHR that we could do a private type of foster care/respite care for grandma.  Leila was very loved and our arrangement worked well.    She attended the daycare as her brother so her grandma would stop in and see her.
We loved having her in our family!!  And while we knew she was only with us temporary, I think we would have scoped her up as ours in a heart beat.  But it was a blessing that her grandma was involved!  She only wants to do best for her grandkids and help her daughter out as much as she can.  The future is still unknown for their grand babies, but the kids Lawyer or GAL said that the Leila was being bounced around too much and had to only stay with grandma so grandma can prove she can take care of them both. So when we dropped Leila off with grandma before Hawaii none of us knew that was going to be the last time we had her.  Grandma didn't want to leave it though as she never sees us and we don't see her.
So last Thursday she was home with too babies with little colds and had to do some running around and came by to get some of Leila's things and we got to visit for a while.  We didn't take her out of her car seat just because it is such a struggle to get her back and she was tired.  But we talked and Robby got her laughing and she held my hand and we played peek a boo!  I so wanted to hold her and hug her!  But an other time grandma will drop her off for a visit.  The we can catch up on hugs!
We don't know their future, but it is nice to still be able to see our foster babies grow up a little.  And it is good to see them back with their family.  We do foster care to help families figure things out.  It is always easy to think "these kids are much better with us" and "we can provide them with more." Most of these parents love their kids...they just have things in their lives that enable them not to function the way most moms or dads function.   Most of them need help raising their babies.  And that is not a bad thing, having family help raise your children.  In fact it is not a new idea, but one from times ago.
We also know that it doesn't work out.  Some mom's or dad's just can't seem to get it together enough to care for their kids.  And then that's when other forever families can step in and help.
We don't know what will happen with Leila, but she sure does have a grandma who loves her and will do whats best for her.  And if they go back to mom, then she will do her best to support her daughter.

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