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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Coffee Please, but hold the Starbucks....

For the last two or so months, I have managed to enter into Target with out the need to head right on over to Starbucks in the corner when you walk in...this takes much will power.  It is not that I stopped because I don't like them (I do) or the people there are not friendly (they are super friendly-even know about my kids-yes I went that often) or anything of that sorts.  One day I just decided, no I won't get one today.  Then it was another one.  Soon it became a challenge to see if I could go through Target with out a Cafe Mocha in one hand.  I do admit I did wander over there once or twice and got a plain coffee...much cheaper.  And soon I realized that I was saving a lot of money and how many I really was consuming.  I was at maybe 3-4 a week some weeks.  $12 a week.  $46 some months just on my Cafe Mochas....well duh!!  (Not even wanting to think of the calorie count)  So I turned to my flavored creamers, hazelnut right now, to make my cup more yummy.  Now I am not saying I am giving up Cafe Mochas  forever, but making them a special treat and something that is not needed.
Now I don't feel like I need that cup in bad habit broken for now.  Which one next?


At August 27, 2010 at 5:41 AM , Blogger Lythrum said...

I kicked the Starbucks habit too, because we were going for a drive a couple times a week and getting coffee. Caramel mochas were my faves, and I still get one every now and then but I have gotten maybe one in the last month or so. As you said, better as a special treat than a daily occurance. :)



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