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Friday, September 10, 2010

When your day is eaten up by a headache...

...many people don't understand headaches, they are the blessed ones who don't get headaches.   Those of us that get eats our lives away sometimes.
I have always gotten migraines.  My dad get them, my great aunt gets them, my grandmothers had them.  My baby sister get them.  They run in our family.  Everyones gets them for different reasons.  We have certain kinds of foods that trigger migraines, stress, that time of the month, sprays and many other triggers, some of which are unknown.  Being pregnant was a huge trigger.
I can go weeks with out headaches, then have a few.  I can get headaches that last for days.  Not all my headaches are migraines, I get a lot of tension headaches also.  The key is knowing the difference in terms of how to treat them.
Sometimes I just need Excedrin and caffeine.   Then I take Medrin if the Excedrin doesn't seem to help.  Medrin works for both tension and Migraines.  But it doesn't always touch my Migraines.  So I asked back in May for my Imitrex or Sumatriptan back.  This can be bad for pregnancy so my doctor didn't want me to take it for a while.  I use to use the nose spray back before I had Robby.  Now I have the pill.
I have had a string of headaches for over a week now.  I get them about this time every year, this string of them, some worse than other.  I blame the spraying of the cotton fields for this string.  I think after a while, my migraines move to tension headaches and then back.  Wednesday night I finally broke down and took an imitrex pill.  By morning I felt so good.  For the first time in 6 days I was completely headache free!!  It was great, I started cleaning and moving things.  By evening time though I could feel the tension coming back.
Then when I awoke at 5am this morning, the worse headache it was bad, and the very typical one sided headache.  So I just reached for the imitrex again and prayed it would go away before kids got up.  Side effect of imitex is sleepiness....I slept till 11.  I did wake up enough when I heard my kids, text Jeremy what was going on...and I slept.
My head still hurts but not as bad and I can function.  I have had coffee and moved to taking some Medrin.   This head is either a rebound headache from taking the imitrex or still from spraying.  What ever it is, it stoled my morning and that is all I am giving it.



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