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Monday, August 30, 2010

Craziness goto sleep...

Well the day is ending!  Isaiah and AnQuenette are in bed.  AnQuenette is probably asleep and Isaiah, well I don't know what he is doing!!  That boy is my crazy boy!!  He is into everything!  But he has the sweetest side to him.  Today Robby and AnQuenette was messing around, and AnQuenette threw a book at Robby and hit him in the mouth.  Blood everywhere!  Robby starts sobbing.  I give him a towel and he is sitting just sobbing.  Isaiah is standing next to him just rubbing his back "It will be ok Robby! " in his sweetest voice.  Then he started yelling at AnQuenette how mean she was.  Sweet and mean in one moment he is!!  But now they are settled in for a good nights rest.  They spent many hours outside playing, the highlight when the sprinklers came on!!
And Robby is watching Dr. Who...surprise surprise!!  Soon he will head off to bed.  Jeremy is watching Meet My that movie!!!!  Soon the house will be quite so I can sit and relax...if you want to call it that!!!  I have Sunday school stuff to get ready and our CDC is being accredited so I have that to do. And the house...well that is another story..


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