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Hopping to It: Babies and Books

Monday, September 20, 2010

Babies and Books

On Thursday we got two little babies to do respite care!  They are sweet lovable little babies!  The little girl-J- was about 14 months and just the sweetest  little thing!  She fell in love with Robby and was his Shadow!  N was about 3 months old and just wanted to be held.  Our four days seemed to go quickly and we enjoyed having babies again.  Robby always has a hard time when our foster babies and kids leave.  He has such a big heart and it breaks when they leave.  I ask him, do you want us to stop and he say NO!  He likes helping these kids, but he is sad when they leave.  This time was a little harder cause J was so attached to him!
For anyone that knows me I am a bookoholic.   I love them, all kinds.  Some of my favorite authors in fiction stories are Frank Pretti, John Grisham and Ted Dekker.  Each one engages me in different ways.  I am bad about reading because when I read, I read and read and read.  Everything around me goes away and I am sucked into what every story it is.  So the weekend I have a 3 month old, who you know will wake up at least once, I read Immanuel's Veins by Ted Dekker.
This book at first intrigued by, but didn't suck me in.  I could put it down.  A few chapters in though....I started reading again Friday after the kids went to bed.  And soon, it was 12, then 1.  Through this Isaiah woke up, then Robby woke up.  My 16 year old kept coming into the room, telling me to stop reading.  My mind was transformed as I wondered what was next, guess who was going to do what and trying to envision what Toma looked like!  Finally by 3 I feel asleep, with Robby in bed with me and Dan still working on finances.  It was a weird night for us all.  I woke up and finished reading the last chapters. Needless to say we all were dragging the next day.
We made it through respite care, mommy reading a book, lack of sleep, babies, kids and now the kids are asking when is the next baby coming!  Maybe not a baby, but I am sure we will be doing Respite care again soon!

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