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Hopping to It: Writing Workshop

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Writing Workshop

Robby is in the 2nd grade age wise.  He tends to be advance in Math and average on most other things.  But writing is he poor spot.  Because he is left hand he really doesn't want to write.  He learned cursive, but isn't that interested in it.  This wasn't clicking.  I had many people tell me just give it time, he will get in his groove for writing.  They said the same for reading and  he has found his groove and love for reading.  And while he is looking for his groove, I thought we would do a writing workshop.  We have 4 weeks left of school-WAHOO!!!!  (yea teachers just as excited!:))  So one evening while looking at preschool material, I found  There I found a group of free printouts that encouraged writing in a fun easy way.  So I put our printer to work and printed them out and put into a binder.  We do 1-2 lessons a day on writing and he is starting to like it.  It is simple and easy to understand and a pleaser to the eyes.  Now he is thinking about what he has to write about tomorrow and is getting to excited about it!!  I was so glad to find Starfall.  It also has great resources for preschool-3rd grade.

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