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Hopping to It: The Quiet of the Morning

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Quiet of the Morning

Truth is when you do foster care, you say goodbye a lot.  Each of these little lives come into your house and touch your heart and when they leave, they take a little bit of your heart with you.  And I learned it is ok to feel sad, it is ok to shed tears.  Each of us really handle this differently.  My two youngest ones had really rough morning's yesterday.  I am not sure if it was cause the two littlest ones were leaving or it just was a bad morning.  Robby knew he was going to be sad.  He knew he was going to cry.  He always get attached to one child more that the other one.  After the baby left, he left me notes "In room I am sad."  I would tell him it is ok to be sad.  These little guys we will get to see again.
Respite care is a quick in and out with kids.  Sometimes for one or two nights.  Sometimes for a week.  I have never had a bad child for respite, but I do know that when my foster 5 year old went into respite for the week he showed his true colors right way!  I never worried about my kids in respite but hope the foster parent!
And now this morning we are back to 4 kids, and the mornings are quieter with out the extra little ones toddling around or asking a 100 question a minute!   Now we just wait for the next time!



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