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Hopping to It: Advent Ideas for Teens and Adults

Monday, November 28, 2011

Advent Ideas for Teens and Adults

Ok, lets grant it, most of the cool ideas I find are in favor of little kids.  I like them, cause I am a kid at heart, and a homeschooler mom, and a DCE, and well they are fun.  But I also know as kids get older, move into the "teen years" (music in the back ground) things change.  I know that even for adults it is harder to find that time to do devotions, that extra time to get our hearts ready.  Yet, yes wait for it, here it comes, we can sit and play angry birds, or farmville, check our facebook, play Word with Friends.  Watch TV mindlessly for hours or mess around on the computer.  So really finding the time should not be a hard thing to do.  Then why is it?  (Yes I was speaking to me, but if I spoke to you also, listen-I may have more advice!)
Are we afraid of what we may find if we spend that time with ourselves and God getting ready?  Is there something that we are hiding from?  Some excuse aways sitting in front of us? is time!  It is time to look at our hearts and prepare for Christmas.  I mean beyond wrapping paper and get my point?  I am not talking hours, but minutes.  Stop texting.  Yes you.  For just a moment.  And check out these sites to help teens and adults get ready for Christmas!  Great also to do as a couple, family, with friends, on facebook, texting, blogging......

Lutheran Hour's always has good devotions!
Lutheran' Witness a fun article on Advent
Preparing for Jesus an amazing devotional by Water Wangerin Jr.   He recreates the story around the birth.  Worth reading!

Well I know it is not much, but something to think about!  Share with me you thoughts or resources!   I already have some thoughts for next year!



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