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Hopping to It: Grounded

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I have 6 kids in my house, from 4-17.   And with each child comes a unique discipline plan.  Some of them are easy going, and don't get into trouble too much.  Others are in trouble daily,  and other seems to bring it on in heaps at a time.  One thing is for sure, there area consequences of actions in our house.  If you break a rule, there are consequences.
Our 4 year old little boy is testing boundaries right now.  He has a little bit of an anger issue going on when he gets caught.  So we had to get really strict right now with him.  He only gets one warning.  When things calm down we will slowly release the reins.  We do spank Isaiah because he responds to that.  
Our 5 year old little girl has gotten her first grounding.  She gets time outs, and when her "fun bubble" is bursted she has huge melt downs,  I just put her in her room and let her scream, and scream...and scream!:)
Our 9 year old boy has "attitudes" that need a "time out" to calm down.  Most of the time he is really good, but every now and then he just needs a time to reflect.
Our 17 year son losses privileges.  Most of the time he doesn't even understand why, but this is normal for teenagers.  Communication is a big thing, he will lose cell phone usage, computer usage, and other things.  With him it is always hard to define what grounding is for what because he always seems to group getting into trouble all at once.  
Each of our foster boys we deal with in basic discipline, re guiding. 

For the younger kids we use time outs, a minute pre year.  

Some days this gets exhausting.  It seems I correct and guide more than I do other things.  But over all, I feel good about taking my kids out.  Most of the time they behave well.  My favorite time is when they tell me I am grounded. And I think "YES"!  I am going to my room and chill!  But never does my groundings last long!

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