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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Couponing -Not Extreme!

Well my sisters started it first.  This really saving money off coupons and sales!  I have used coupons, but not spending time matching things up!  Now I found it is worth spending a little extra time.  So I have had two web sites that I follow now... &
Today I did Publix.  I tried this Saturday, but realized that I had the sale that started Monday after Easter.  So my big savings today....
Cat food.  It was $6.69..half off $3.35...I had a $2 off Taerget coupon, so I paid $1.35 for the bag.
Juicey juice...$2.99 half off...1.49.  I had a $2 off 4 of them, 50 each off.  So I paid $1 each.
Cereal....6 boxes of Kelloges for about $1.30 each nomrally $4
Most of my savings came in the buy one get one free.

I did have two oops that messed me up... those would be my boys I took.  Tyson was on sale buy one get one free.  A bag should have been about $3 so I told boys they could pick one.  Jeremy picked a bag not on sale BOGO and only .50 off.  It cost me 8.49.
Spagetti sauce was BOGO and I told Robby to get 4 he picked up was organic, cost 3.29.  (the others on sale for $1.10
So lesson learned....go shopping ALONE!!!!

Now if I only got what coupons I had I would have spent less, but I had a few things to get that were not on sale.  But this wasn't bad.  Krogers later this week!

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