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21 day "Book of John" challenge...Day 5

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Hopping to It: 21 day "Book of John" challenge...Day 5

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

21 day "Book of John" challenge...Day 5


To make it short, today was busy and I had to finally make time to finish reading this evening.  This is what gets me, things happen, kids, cleaning, church, extra stuff.  Sometimes to find that 10 minutes is hard.  If I find time for other things, I should find time to read...

Tonight in Confirmation we talked about Media and Materialism.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  Kids on the average spend 7.5 hours on mp3, phones, computers or video games.   I could spend my days filled with facebook, internet searches, getting school stuff ready.  My iphone is always by my side.

I believe that if Martin Luther was alive, he would be there with me.  He would be using every means available to get the message of the Gospel out to everyone.  He would be twitting, facebooking, blogging.  He would be engrossed in this.  John is trying to accomplish the same thing, getting the message out to everyone by every means he had.

Tomorrow is Veteran's day.....and Sunday school stories



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