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21 day "Book of John" challenge...Day 3

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Hopping to It: 21 day "Book of John" challenge...Day 3

Monday, November 8, 2010

21 day "Book of John" challenge...Day 3


Sooo the kids are sorta in bed, dinner dishes are kinda done, and my older two are are each doing something to keep themselves entertained!  Dan has to work later due to meeting...So now I am sitting to blog about reading.  I read this morning.  After each of the kids got their work started, instead of sitting and messing with the internet, I got out my bible and turned to Chapter 3 and read.  Well I read for about 5 minutes, had a marshmallow war with my son using my marshmallow shooter, then went back to reading.  This is something I need to do more in front of my kids, read God's word.  When I read I am in my room, or it is at church.  I have not been good to show my kids that it is important to read God's word everyday.  My younger ones have a love for God's word.  Between Sunday school, AWANA's and homeschool they get alot and love it.  My 9 year old is just now getting into reading.  He was hearing me talk about reading this challenge.  So we talked about it tonight.  I showed him John and he was over whelmed by how much he had to read.  I told him just take it slow.  We also got out other kid bibles and I told him he could read the stories about Jesus to the kids.  I think that he will take me challenge.  (he hates to lose....)
Now my older one I am concerned about.  Both my husband and I, we don't read the bible in front of him.  In fact we are not good about daily reading.  Our oldest is one of our adopted ones and moved in 3 years ago.  While he goes to church and I know his faith is growing, I also know he has many doubts.  And that right now he does want to read the bible.  He doesn't think he needs it.  He believes and I have to trust he will find his way.  But it is my job to help guide me, prove resources and examples.  Examples like reading the bible so he can see it is important.
He is not the only one I worry about.  More of my other youth at church struggle with their faith.  They say they are a Christian, but turn around and do non Christian things and think it is funny.  They don't think the Bible if for them.  I think it is they don't want to hear the law part.....that some of the things they do are wrong and they are bad.  They don't want to hear  But the are missing out on so much!  Yes we need the law to show us we are sinners.  John 3:16 (you know you all want to say it!) points us to the Gospel in a nutshell.   John is about leading sinners to God.  Those that don't think they need this....this is for them.  God loves them sooooo much.   I worry about my teens.  They have so much thrown at them and do so much, but they don't have 10 minutes to read God's word.  So much is wrong in their lives and they tend to blame God, or tell me they don't believe the whole bible.   I ask well which part don't you believe...let talk about it.  As parents we need to set the example.  I say those words only to know sometimes I have to eat them also. But I think this challenge is opening my eyes in many way.

I have to admit I had an extra spring in my step to day.  Even though I was up in the middle of the night not feeling well, today I was kinda feeling good.  I it because I add God's word?  Daily?  God is Good.

P.S.  Once Robby found out that Grandpa and Pastor where doing the challenge....he grabbed his bible and started reading...he says he has to catch up....sooo if you are reading this, then just start at the beginning and do what you can!!!  Oh and if you are one of my teens...if you don't want to read, then watch the you tub video above in audio!!!!



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