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21 day "Book of John" challenge...Day 1

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Hopping to It: 21 day "Book of John" challenge...Day 1

Friday, November 5, 2010

21 day "Book of John" challenge...Day 1

Tomorrow for me is only 13 minutes away as I start typing....21 days of John.  Funny I was counting how many more days till Advent and counted 22 days.  Later I happened to see that John had 21 chapters and it hit chapter a day for 21 days.  I needed this.  Reading the Bible daily, while on my to do list every day, tends to get pushed back, way back and at night I think, tomorrow.  Now is my tomorrow.  
While I have degrees in Religion and Education I am simply a stay at home wife and mom, homeschooling my 4 kids, trying to survive day to day.  I am going to just share with you things that maybe touched me from the scripture, challenges in finding the time to read, discoveries about my self through scripture, and encourage you as you take this 21 day challenge with me.  You don't even have to read my thoughts, just focus on a chapter a day.
Funny thing about 21 days....21 chapters...isn’t that how long it takes to form a habit...21 days....hmmmm.
So here we go, (by the way I am up late cause it is my son’s 9th birthday and we always let him stay up as late as he wants, once a year.)

John Chapter 1-I saw you under a fig tree
First day of challenge.  To be honest I have read this chapter twice.  First time to myself, then again, just to read it.   As many times as I have read this chapter...I forget what goes where.  With 4 Gospels stories get told at different points, different ways, for different people.    I took notice to the story of Jesus calling Philip and Nathanael.  Nathanael at first was skeptical, “Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”  Then he mets Jesus and when he realizes that Jesus knew him he asked how?  Jesus replied “Before Philip called you, when you where under the fig tree, I saw you.”  That was enough for Nathanael, “Rabbi, you are the Son of God”  
Jesus reveals himself to be the Messiah and still does today.   It is just that simple, yet many do not believe in Him for many reasons.  Back then Jesus used everyday people to do amazing things. He was calling his disciples to follow Him.   I know many people who feel they are not worthy of Jesus or worthy of His love or their past is to shady to be following Jesus or to spread His word.  While we live in "skeptical" times, Jesus is still revealing Himself to us.
So maybe the first day of reading was easy, we are motivated to do something new!  How did you find the time to read?  Maybe you are listening to the bible, first chapter of John?  What touched your heart?  Anything jump out this time reading it?

Tomorrow...John 2....Water to Wine



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