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Monday, August 23, 2010

Our DHR visit...

When you are a foster parent you have to go through two yearly visits.  Our summer one, like the one I got through today, is for re-certifcation.  Lots for forms to fill out, medical exams, and financial information.  Our social worker is very sweet and together and to the point.  We have been blessed to have such a great worker.
While there is the stress that my house has to be perfect...I have finally come to the fact, that our house is live in and children are a main focus in our house, and not everything is going to be perfect.  I try to get the most important things, know what rooms she is going to look in and what rooms she is not going to look in.  Normally she wants to see the fire extinguisher, and then peeks at the kids rooms.
And after a short visit of chit chatting, she is on her way.  Our other mid year visit is normally shorter!
Our goal this year...respite care and emergency care.



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