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Sunday Mornings-How Do They Roll in your Home?

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Hopping to It: Sunday Mornings-How Do They Roll in your Home?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Mornings-How Do They Roll in your Home?

Out of all morning, I find Sunday morning the most frazzled morning.  I find that a little ironic since Sunday morning should be a calmer morning.  But normally I am getting all the kids up, little ones bathed and showered and then dressed.  This is the only day we all have to be up and dressed and out the door at the same time.   Normally at this time we would be at church for Sunday School but since they really didn't do much with Sunday school this summer we have gotten into a bad habit of not going, which needs to change.  And the kids have way too much free time on Sunday morning when we don't go to Sunday school (which this is our first summer ever not going.)
And as I am here on the computer I wish that there was no TV or computer usage on Sunday morning.  I feel that it should be a time to prepare our selves for worship.  Something I feel a lot of other things get in the way of.  Face-booking, texting, church bills, Disney, blogging...over whelmed as I think about it.  And I am first guilty of it.
Kids are screaming, yelling, this one going this way, jumping, flipping.  How many times must I say we need to do something and they just look at me.
And it is amazing that I got a shower this morning.  Must do that before I come out or I never get back in.  And there is still the teenager that needs a shower, but won't take a shower, but needs one.
And then church holds other challenges.  How to teach them in church, keep them from squirming, screaming, crawling under the pew.  (projects for later posts)
But then you hear sweet little Alleluias sung my your 3 year old and your 4 year is catching on to the other liturgy and songs.  Your 8 year old is reciting the prayers and even though the teenager looks like he is sleeping...he says something later and you know he was listening.  All the craziness...worth it in the end.
Awww Yes Sunday do they roll in your home?


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