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Hopping to It: Laundry Woes

Friday, May 14, 2010

Laundry Woes

When I was single, in four loads of laundry, I had all my clothes, sheets and towels washed.  Laundry day was one day.  When I got married, laundry day was one-two day but about seven loads of laundry.  One kid came along and I never feel like I am caught up.  Now there are seven people in this house and some days I feel like all I do is laundry.  And if I feel I am too busy I don't even start cause I hate having to rewash a load cause I forgot about it (like the one in the washer right now).  I am searching for the magic system to make laundry easier. I have tried separate laundry hampers, one for darks and lights, one for the boys one for the girls.  My teenager doesn't even put his cloths in a hamper anymore, his bedroom is his hamper.  I have one hamper and it over flows most of the time.  My husband has the most organized system.  In his closet he had three selves, one for whites, one for darks, one for lights.  My closet doesn't have empty selves, they are all full of stuff.

So the goal is to find a balance for the dirty clothes.  And there still is the system to fold and put away the clothes.  I am in a prime place to start fresh on cloth organization for the little kids.  We have moved the dresses and I have two empty dressers  that need to be filled.  I am going to use bins in the closet for underwear, t-shirts, socks (totally different blog coming on this subject), and PJ's.  The dressers are only going to hold clothing worn everyday.  All others will be hung up.
So as I am folding I sort through the clothing that everyone is out growing, which is like everything.  (Which is part of the problems too so much clothing of different sizes.)  Right now I just have a bin for girl and boys that don't fit.  I will use another day to organize that.
Other things I do to help

  • When home and the kids are going out to play I have them put already worn clothes back on.   They will get dirty out side so no need for clean clothes.
  • They are only suppose to use one towel a week.  
  • We do not change sheets every week.  Sometimes the little ones get changed 3 or 4 times a week.    We need to get better at this, but right now if it looks dirty then I change it.  
Laundry Room and soap
I have a nice laundry room, but I wish it be a little bigger with a counter in it.  We have front loader and they are up on drawers.  If they were down I could put in a counter on top of them.  Would be nice to fold.  But then a empty counter top is a dangerous thing!:)  For now I just use our bed to fold.  Dan travels a lot so his side becomes my folding table.  
I also understand why the Duggars have the 4 or 5 washers and dyers!!  Some days it would be nice.  But for now, I go one at a time.  
We use ECOS laundry detergent.  With our HE washer it gets about 200 washes for about $13.  It is about $.07 a load so really  it is not bad.  I am going to try making my own just to say I have done it!!!

Well the wash just beeped and that means time to switch everything out!!  


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