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Monday, October 4, 2010

Flying with kids....

For the first time we flew with all 4 kids.  I planned a new backpack for each one of the younger ones, with a new pack of markers, coloring books, a new notepad, and toys they picked out.  I gave them a container and told them what ever they want to take goes in this container.  They each picked out their toys.
By the morning we were leaving I had 7 bags plus car seats to be checked in.  Each kid carried a back pack, including the 16 year old.  Dan and I had our Computer bags.  I made tags for all the bags so our luggage had something in common.  (love my laminator, paper cutter and hole puncher!!)

So as we began our adventure, our first little, not planned moment, was delay in leaving time.  The we got on the plane, backed away from gate and told we had to wait 40 minutes till take off.  Not good with little kids.  Finally we got up and to Atlanta and rushed to get to our other flight.  Soon we were in the air and off to Orland.  Over all the kids did OK.  The last 30 minutes Isaiah was restless and was ready to get off the plane.

My favorite quote from him for the trip was as the plane was turning Isaiah says "Oh my gosh we are up side down!!"

As everyone was exiting, a young lady from Germany says "wow you have a lot of kids"  I had to laugh and think to my self, "yep four is a lot, but not really.  They are a good group of kids, ready, and they are mine!!"  And when I have had 7 kids at once, four is easy!

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