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Hopping to It: Take Me Out To the Ball Park

Friday, February 24, 2012

Take Me Out To the Ball Park

Yes it has begun.  Baseball and Softball season.  And this year we have 3 kids playing.  Isaiah is starting T-ball, AnnieQ is in her second year of soft ball and Robby is starting his sixth year of baseball.  It is hard to believe that for the last 6 springs our lives have been consumed by baseball.  I remember Robby at his first practice.  Oh may, he was very not ready for t-ball.  He didn't know how to throw a ball, how to catch it, his focused was not base ball.  We struggled a lot that first year.  It was all new.  And to top it off, we were brought onto the team that had won the t-ball championship the year before.

Through out the years we have learn a lot about balancing the time of year.  Like practicing throwing and catching at a young age.  Isaiah will be walking in with no issues at all, other than listening and following instructions -common at that age.  But he has hitting down, better than a few years ago when he didn't know which end was up!

I think that he will do better now that he know which end to hold the bat at!  Some what are some things we have done to help them learn.

  • We bought a bag of tennis balls.  For the little ones this was to help the throw and catch.  (we also have a new puppy so she had a ball chasing all the balls.  Also the bright yellow helps eye hand coordination for the tee.  Now that the season has begun, we will start replacing them with the balls they will learn to use.  
  • We have high walls in the back of the house.  When Robby was little I drew a big circle, then a smaller one.  I told him to aim for the middle circle.  
  • Simple throw the ball up in the air to catch it.  They love doing this!  
 The other aspect of baseball season is being prepared.  I have ides on how to keep three uniforms together-cause something always goes missing!  Also having to work on meals on the go!  We are going to be living at the park so we need to make it the best time while there.



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