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Hopping to It: New Drivers

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Drivers

It is such an exciting time for new drivers.  Finally a sense to have a new found freedom in the game of growing up.  A chance to go where they want. An opportunity to show off a little, like a toddler learning how to walk, the  "look at me" - I'm so proud of my self as I learn this new skill in life.  I remember getting my permit. It was a thrilling time.  Drove here and there, but not often.  By the time I finally got my drivers license I was 17.  Yes I admit I failed that test about 5 times before actually getting my license, but I did that in-between my dad's Chemo treatments, so it was limited time to go.  And of course having the "of course I am going to pass" only crushed by the fail stamped on the sheet, knowing I would have to come back again.  But I finally did make it and became an independent driver my senior year in High school.

I know find my self as a parent of a teen learning to drive.  It is a new and scary experience.  And maybe more so for me, because I have a hard time being in the drivers seat.  When my husband drives, I don't really pay attention, if I do, I get too work up over traffic.  Guessing this comes from having accidents.  Always this fear of what I can't control.  It is a bad fear when teaching a teen to drive.  The knowing that there are other cars around that your new driver is learning to maneuver around.   Then there is the learning how to ease into stops....gaging turns well, and the whole learn just learning to drive.

This is an exciting time for us, I love the idea of having a new driver in the house, one who can go pick up the kids or drop them off.  One who can run to the store when I need milk.  And in the mean time we will just have to ease into this learning how to drive.  Since driver's ed isn't till this summer, I will have to wait for those independent steps in life.  And it gives me time to do a little be more letting go of the I start slowly getting my teen ready to be released into this big world.  Till then (2013---achemmm since his dates moves to like 2015 -says he needs to be feed well LOL) I have a year and a half to finish getting my son ready for the world outside of our home.

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