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21 day "Book of John" challenge...The Devil...part two

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Hopping to It: 21 day "Book of John" challenge...The Devil...part two

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

21 day "Book of John" challenge...The Devil...part two


Yep I did it again.  How hard is it for me to stay on task....but I got it now, these late nights and early mornings have me so confused!  

As I read John this time I have tried to vision myself in the story.   I also try to vision what is going on behind the scenes.  That is becoming more fun for me.  It has put a nice little twist on the story and I have enjoy seeing the devil squirm!  
Jesus is in the garden praying.  His disciples are still trying to digest Jesus latest teachings to them while snoozing.  The devil standing back smirking, the demons cackling as the roam in and out of the disciples, and angels stand guard with swords.  Soon commotion in the back in the distance.  The devil turns himself with pride thinking "ahhh here it comes, my plan is in action",  watching as Judas leads the soldiers.  There more demons with them hooting and hollowing, of course the humans can't hear them.
Jesus, knowing full well why they are here, stands up and goes over to the crowd, angels on either side of Him.  "Who is it you want?"  Jesus asks.  "Jesus of Nazareth" they replied.  Judas standing next to to them.  "I am He" Jesus responds.  
Now lets stop for a minute in the story cause I never realized this before.  When Jesus said these three little words "I am He" the bible says the crowds backed up and fell to the ground.  Really?  Soldiers, trained to fight.  Egoistical chief priest and pharisee. Judas.  The demons.  Where they scared?  Did the words come out with wind and fear?  Why did they fall?  Maybe the demons, who knew Jesus, got scared when they heard those words and tremble back taking everyone else with them?   Some say that the crowd was expect a dangerous rebel, so when they had found out this was Jesus they fell back wards in fear of this "dangerous man"  I don't think I am buying this one...Jesus had been pretty public with His teachings, so I  would assume that many knew of him, as a teacher not a dangerous criminal.  
But I guess if I put into this story the demons and devil and Angels I could see the crowd fall backward.  Did they stay down the whole time?  Was Jesus shocked they fell to the ground?  I see Jesus as being the cool, in control one and the devil being the one a little annoyed right now.  I can just hear the devil yelling..."get up!! beep beepy beepy beep...."  By now the disciples, are confused and shocked to see one of their own and out of fear and protect for Jesus Simon Peter attacks them cutting off the ear of one of the disciples.
And Jesus when this happens, Jesus told Peter, “Put your sword away. Shouldn’t I drink the cup of suffering that my Father has given me?” 
By now the people have all gotten up and Jesus is arrested.  We all know the devil, he is having a field day.  He has Jesus just where he wants him to be.  Doing this whole questioning phase the devil, standing there whispering things in their ears.  Demons wandering through the crowd whispering in theirs ears "Barabbas." The Angels standing with Jesus, they know what is coming, they are prepared for what is coming. is funny that as I am getting ready for Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas, I am thinking about Easter.  



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