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21 day "Book of John" challenge...Day 10

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Hopping to It: 21 day "Book of John" challenge...Day 10

Monday, November 15, 2010

21 day "Book of John" challenge...Day 10

The wonderful youtube videos only went up to like chapter 8!!  Looking for others

Today was hard.  I just came back last night from the youth gathering.  Dan turned around and left for a week long trip.  I was tired.  It was cold and raining out side.  Each of the kids had their moments of insanity.  I have a 4 year old that I just don't understand this stage she is in....and my 9 year old....I wanted to go back to camp.
I just sat on the floor in my room grabbed my bible and read John 10.  After I was done, I was at peace at little.  I finally figured it out.  God is like my best friend.  I know He is always there for me.  I have other really great friends, and sometime we go weeks, months and some years without talking.  But when we get together and talk...oh how great that feels...that is how I feel when I am reading the bible.  Like I am with a really old good friend talking over a cup of coffee.  And you think, why don't I do this more often?

We are in the minds seems better prepared for Advent.  The fleeting thoughts of ..."must get Christmas program together."  Well they are fleeting thoughts that don't over whelm me. Gift, cards, pictures, parties, advent dinners, advent services, Lock-in' focus feels good for these things!!!

By the way did any one feel like singing "I just want to be a lamb (yes I know sheep but we changed it many years ago!) bah bah bah, I just want to be a bah bah bah, cause I pray to my Lord my soul to take I just want to be a lamb, bah bah bah!!"



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