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Taco soup...crockpot style

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Taco soup...crockpot style

I saw a video the other day from crockpot girls for a taco soup! It looked so yummy! So today while wondering what to make, well that came to mind! I made a few adjustments and have no idea the outcome but here is what I did!
I ground two pounds (I doubled the recipe) of beef and I added one pack of taco seasoning.

Four cans on beans, two pinto, one with chili sauce and one navy(I didn't have the forth can of pinto. Recipe called for two cans pinto and two cans pinto with Ranch.). I didn't see the pinto with Ranch so I adapted)

I added 3 cans diced tomatoes

Two cans drained corn

I used salsa (had to get this, it has frogs)

And the recipe said ranch package, but since I am allergic to MSG, I found this. It has Ranch and bacon, so we will see.

I'm going to cook all day-looks more like taco chili!

Will service with two kinds of chips, cheese and sour cream!

I'll update tonight how yummy or not!:)

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