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Hopping to It: Where was I?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where was I?

It seems that this is the question everyone whats to know on Sept 11.  Or on the day the shuttles blew up, or that day that the tornadoes hit.  Most days we may not remember what we were doing, but on those days that have impacted us in ways we are still realizing, we remember where we were.
I was at Ascension Lutheran Church, subbing for our child care center 3 year old class.  The director came in told me that Pastor Bernie called about the first plane.  We thought it was just an accident.  Then she came back in and told me the second plane hit, I said this is no accident.  Soon the news about the 3rd and 4th plane made it's way to us.   I finished subbing and headed over to church to lead a women's bible study.  After talking about the morning events, I spent the morning glued to the little TV we brought into the office and waited for news from my husband who was working at Redstone army base. 
I was 8 months pregnant.  I was facing a world of unknowns for my son who was soon going to make his way into this world. 
10 years later, most of my children only know that world after 9-11    Homeland security, 9/11, terrorist, twin towers, tolerance, wars...these are all words that are in our everyday life.   But this has not effected my children in terms of growing up.    They still play out side, ride bikes, go to school, go to church, go to baseball games, travel, laugh, cry, learn more about our country and their faith and to be proud of what they believe in and not to let anyone tell them they are wrong because of what they believe in. 
10 years ago while teaching that ladies bible study class one of the ladies was telling me of an other Sept 11, back in the 1940 when she was a child, hidden in a room in a house in Germany with bombs exploding around her.  We all have our stories to tell.



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